#LoveWins: SCOUTS Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide

It’s a monumental day in the fight for equality, as SCOTUS has ruled same-sex marriage legal nationwide.  In a 5-4 majority ruling, this decision will usher in a whirlwind of changes in marriage laws throughout the country.  And it’s about damn time!

As a feminist, I fight for equality for all people.  While I am not a member of the LGBTQ community, I am a hopeless romantic and I will always fight for love.  Can you imagine not being able to marry the person you love?  If two people are in love, and want to spend their lives together, that is all that should matter.

Gender has been a trending topic in the media as of late, punctuated by Caitlyn Jenner’s very public transition.  One of the most significant points that this conversation of gender has made is that gender identity and sexuality are not related.  Gender has nothing to do with sexuality and nothing to do with who we love.  The fact that I identify as a woman, that I was born as a woman, and that I am attracted to men, are three completely unrelated facts.

This concept is often confusing to many people, and I think the fact that people tend not to discuss the relationship between gender and loves contributes to that.  Caitlyn Jenner has brought this concept into the spotlight and with that dialogue comes education and (hopefully) acceptance.  When people realize that gender and love are not related, they can understand that love is, at its core, an innately human emotion that knows no gender.  Perhaps when we consider love in that light, society will begin to accept it in all forms.

Love is a deeply personal, intimate matter between two people.  Everyone has the right to be with who they love, marry who they love and receive the benefits that marriage offers.  Love is love, and everyone deserves the right to love.

In the end, SCOTUS has proven that love always wins!



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