It’s Time Beauty Standards Get Real


I absolutely love this video.  It perfectly encapsulates everything that is wrong  with the photoshopped images we are inundated with on a daily basis.

According to an article from Fasionista, an anonymous retoucher claims that 100% of beauty images in magazines are retouched.  I really wish this number was more shocking, but I can’t honestly say I am surprised.

So what’s the problem?  If a celebrity wants to shave a little flab off of their arms, is it really going to hurt us?  The answer is a resounding yes.

When our standards of beauty are portrayed in essentially fictionalized images, how can we ever expect young girls and women to develop a realistic, healthy perception of beauty?


By plastering magazines with manipulated images, we are essential setting women up to fail.  Yes, women can give themselves a thigh gap and a rounder butt on their computer, you can’t photoshop your reflection.  Even the celebrities portrayed in these photos don’t actually look like that, so how can we expect the average woman to live up to these literally unattainable beauty standards?

It’s about time we get real.  Women deserve realistic, attainable depictions of beauty.  When I flip through a magazine, I want to see a woman who looks like me.  I want to see someone with hips, and an ass, and boobs that don’t look freakishly augmented.  I want to see freckles and cellulite, stretch marks and scars.  Real women with real bodies that tell a story and embrace the glory that is femininity.  A woman’s body is a beautiful thing and it’s about damn time we embrace it in all aspects of society.

So the next time you flip through your favorite magazine, and you see an impossibly thin woman, remember: she doesn’t even look like that.  You are beautiful.


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