Who Are You Wearing? Who The F@#$ Cares?









Each and every red carpet, so called journalists fight to death to ask Hollywood’s favorite actresses one question: “Who are you wearing?”

Have you ever noticed that men hardly get asked that question?  Instead, they get asked about their acting career, what it was like to work with their director, or future projects.  What’s that I smell?  Is that some sexist bullshit?  Why, yes folks, I do believe it is.

Actresses have become increasingly vocal about how instanced they are by red carpet sexism.  Jennifer Aniston, Julianne Moore, and Reese Witherspoon made headlines when they refused to participate in E!’s infamous mani-cam, in which women show off their manicures on the red carpet.  Because you know, that’s why they showed up, to be recognized for their manicures.  Even more infamous was the time Elisabeth Moss actually flipped off the mani-cam and became my personal hero.  Take THAT mani-cam!

Now, I can’t blame the journalists entirely.  We as a society are also to blame.  Too many of us tune in just to see what our favorite actresses are wearing.  I get it, I love fashion too, and it is fun to fantasize about all of the beautiful dresses that I will never actually wear.  But when we only pay attention to the things these women wear, we are devaluing their work.  We are saying that we, as a society, care less about their work than the labels they wear.  This is NOT OK!


While actresses and actors are actively speaking out – many got behind the  viral social media campaign  #AskHerMore which sought to start a dialogue about sexism in Hollywood- the days of “What are you wearing,” are far from behind us.  If we want to see equality on the red carpet, we have to be the change; it has to start with us.  It’s time we start paying more attention to the work, and less attention to the label.



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