Spare Me The “How To’s”, Read These Cartoons

How many times have you seen one of these articles online: “10 Ways to Blow His Mind In Bed,” or “5 Beauty Secrets to Make Him Want You.”  I don’t know about you, but I am so sick of these things popping up in my news feed.  Article after article, and I use that term loosely here, one more ridiculous than the next.  “Trends Your Man Will Love.”  “How to Get Him To Call You.”  I’m sorry, but when did his needs become more important than mine?  Where are all the articles about how to be a badass feminist and make your own money and find your own happiness?

These fantastically funny feminist cartoons by Gemma Correll take a much needed stab at those articles, pointing out just how ridiculous some of them are.  Get ready to laugh, ladies.








If we had more women with Correll’s wit and sensibilities, we would be seeing a lot less articles about pleasing your man, dressing for your man, and maintaining an ideal body type.  Maybe we would see articles with healthier messages, like how to build  your confidence, how to be happy, well adjusted woman, or how to build a loving relationship with yourself.  Ladies, stop living for everyone else, and subjecting yourself to this how to, self help crap.  Live for yourself and love yourself.  The rest will fall into place.


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