You Can’t Be What You Can’t See: Women In The Media

Miss Representation is a fabulously feminist film that shines a light on the misrepresentation of women in the media, exploring the many ways in which the image of women has been distorted through the camera lens.

From the overt sexualization of women in rap videos, to the objectification of women’s bodies in various fashion ads, to the narrowly structured depiction of ‘what it is to be a woman’, the media has largely failed the female gender.

The film asserts that “You can’t be what you can’t see.”  When little girls are exposed to a gender biased, male dominated media, their perceptions are dangerously skewed.  If a little girl never sees a female doctor, a female scientist, a female in a position of power and respect, how can she ever be expected to dream of becoming a doctor, a scientist, a powerful, respected woman?

Women need strong, realistic, well rounded representation in the media.  Overly sexualized, stereotyped, narrowly constructed depictions of women are not serving anyone any good.  By perpetuating unhealthy, unrealistic images of women, we as a society are saying we accept this representation of women, we encourage our girls to pursue this image, and we encourage our boys to treat women in the manner in which they are treated in the media.  Is this really what we want?

Our girls can’t be what they can’t see.  We have a say in what they see.  It’s time we smarten up about the media’s representation of women.  It’s time we give our girls women to look up to, women to model themselves after, an accurate representation of women.



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