Haters Gunna Hate


I recently posted some podcasts to YouTube for a class assignment.  Designed as an extension of the blog, I discussed my views on what feminism is, very similar to a post I have previously published.  I honestly didn’t expect anyone to view it, except for my professor who is obligated to view the clip.

Since posting the video on Sunday night, it has gotten 31 views and several scathing comments.  Basically, my YouTube viewership thinks I am an asshole who is spewing self righteous, feminist propaganda.  Common themes throughout the comments are feminists are liars, calls to action for what can essentially be described as a menninist movement – men need reproductive rights, men are marginalized, etc., all feminists are man hating neo-nazis, the usually anti-feminist fare.  I couldn’t be more excited.

My goal in writing this blog is not to convince anyone to agree with me.  Look, feminism isn’t perfect.  It is a movement led by human beings, who are innately fallible.  No feminist is perfect, nor is every piece of literature, every movement, every protest.  Everyone is entitled to their own view of feminism.  Is my view always going to be right?  No.  Is my view going to correspond with every view of every feminist?  No.  My goal isn’t to make people to agree with me.  My goal is to educate.  My goal is to get a conversation going about the things that I think are wrong with society, things that are wrong with the way women are treated in that society.  My goal is to be heard.

While these commenters didn’t agree with me, they certainly heard me.  And what they heard bothered them so much that they took time out of their lives to comment on the video.  As a writer, it is an incredible feeling to elicit a response from my readers, or listeners as the case may be.  A visceral response, fueled by passion and anger, one that moves people to write back to me, well that’s even better.  Because I know I got to them.  I know my words reached someone.  The dialogue has been started.  What could I, a writer, want more than that?

If you agree with my ideas about feminism, my view points, then hey sister (or brother) that’s fucking awesome.  Write me, let me know.  If you don’t, that’s cool too.  Still, write me, let me know.  Everyone has a right to their own opinion and a right to be heard.  Share your opinions and your voice.  This blog is not about me throwing my ideas at you and expecting you to blindly agree with me.  This blog is intended to be a conversation.  Everyone deserves to be heard.

People are always going to have something negative to say about feminism.  People love to hate feminists.  To all of my haters out there, I say, bring it on.



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