Cursing Princesses Know A Thing or Two About Feminism

What could be more shocking than little girls in princess costumes cursing like a sailor?  I for one find children using profanity to be simultaneously adorable and hilarious, but for many, the shock value of hearing a sweet little princess say “Mother f*ucker,” to be a bit much.

This clip was designed to bring attention to the modern feminist movement, to get women on team woman, and start a very necessary conversation about gender equality.  And while this clip may leave some cringing at the colorful vocabulary used by these adolescent activists, I say, “Curse on little feminists!”  Because the shocking thing about this video shouldn’t be little girls in tiaras yelling “F*uck”.  We should be shocked by the fact that 1 in 5 women will be raped or sexually assaulted in their lifetime.  We should be shocked by the fact that the Equal Rights Amendment, established in 1923, has still not been ratified.  We should be shocked by the fact that in 2014 women are still paid 77 cents to the dollar that men make; to quote a particularly feisty little princess, “I shouldn’t have to have a penis to get paid.”

If shock value and potty mouthed princesses are what it takes to get people talking about feminism, go for it little ladies, I applaud you and I will curse right along side you.  These girls are the future of America, the future of feminism, and unless we make some serious changes, the future victims of gender inequality.

Next time you are faced with gender inequality, sexism, or an affront to your rights as a woman, don’t take it lying down.  Take the advice of some very smart little princesses and say, “F*ck that!”


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