What Your Body Wants To Tell You



I hate it when you step on the scale.

Your body is so much more than a number.  We women get so hung up on the number on our scale, and I am guilty of it as well.  I get obsessed with seeing the number on the scale go down and find myself filled with guilt if I see a number I don’t like.  Ladies: STOP USING A SCALE!  At the end of the day, if you like the way your body looks, the number on that awful little screen doesn’t matter.  Liberate yourself from your scale, your body will thank you.

It hurts when you compare me to other women.

Let me dispel a little myth for you: every ad you see, every magazine cover, every photo on the Internet, is photoshopped.  Yes ladies, photoshopped.  THEY ARE NOT REAL.  The images of women in the media have been so manipulated that they are not longer anatomically correct.  So when you pin pictures of a Victoria’s Secret Model or Angelina Jolie on your Fitspiration page, remember: they don’t even look like that.

As for comparing yourself to more realistic women, be it your classmate, the trainer at the gym, your fashionable BFF, that needs to stop too.  No two women are shaped the same.  Some of us have curves, some of us are busty, some of us have the height of a runway model, and some of us need step stools to reach the top shelf.  And its all beautiful!  Maybe that 100 pound, 6 foot leggy blonde secretly wished she was shorter so she could wear heels while standing next to her boyfriend.  Maybe that girl with the killer curves wished she had a smaller bum.  There is no perfect body; we are all beautiful in our own unique way.  So instead of comparing yourself to other women, revel in the beauty that is your body.

 I miss you.  Let’s spend some time together.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life.  But it is important that we take time to reconnect with our sacred vessel, our bodies.  Set aside time every so often to meditate.  Whether you sit quietly in your room, take a long walk on the beach, or write in your journal, take the time to listen to your body, reconnect, and be truly present within your own skin.  You may discover that your body has been trying to tell you something; take the time to listen.

 Please stop being ashamed of me.

Do you have killer curves?  Own them  Legs for days?  Show them off.  Great ass?  Work it sister!  Just because your body may not fit into the impossibly rigid ideal that society has constructed doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful and it certainly doesn’t mean you should be proud of what your mama gave you.  Figure out what you love about your body and glorify it.  Never ever, under any circumstance, be ashamed.


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